Wuhan aqucell Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a focus on nano scale ultra filtration membrane separation technology in R & D, production, application, promotion in one of the private high-tech enterprises, the products are widely used in industry, civil water treatment, industrial / medical / biochemical technology, chemical, food and beverage, electrophoresis paint, sewage and wastewater. The company by virtue of professional and technical advantages of senior, can provide one stop services including system design, equipment manufacturing, membrane component supply and technical support for different industries and the user.

The company in 2010, 2011, 2012 for three consecutive years won the "ten famous film China enterprises" enterprises. In 2012 in cooperation with the Hubei University "hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane industry R & D center project", hollow fiber membrane and membrane associated components, film, film equipment R & D, production and application system. After 10 years of development, the company set up a professional technical team, can provide technical scheme tailor-made for customers. Corporation and shareholders are senior people in the industry, familiar with cutting-edge technology and market trend of the industry; management tends to be younger, open minded, open-minded, easy to absorb and accept new ideas; the company currently more than 200 employees, with new materials research and development professional technician and strong technical support and after sale service team in China, and most provinces have established a sound sales network, in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia sales network has spread, and gradually to the global expansion.

We adhere to customer demand-oriented, with excellent product quality as the foundation stone, the actual demand for the application domain, with many varieties and specifications of products to meet the needs of the market. We focus on the industry reputation, customer is responsible for, be responsible for their own production and sales of products, through the foundation construction for many years, in the industry has formed a good reputation effect and a well-known brand name.