2005   Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co., Ltd founded, and the double cortex structure PVC ultrafiltration membrane that researched and developed by our company came to the market.


2008   The PVDF ultrafiltration membrane that independent developed in domestic came to the market.  


2009   Successfully developed PES UF membrane, and realized stable batch production.


2010   Material Separation UF membrane launched in the market, and successfully utilized in soy protein purification, soy sauce separation and other industries.


2011   AK RO membrane was successfully used in drinking water, process water, etc.

2012   AQU-D Air & Water Mixture UF membrane have obtained many national invention patents. The air & water mixture technology have successfully utilized in industries as silicon carbide waste water, printing & dyeing waste water, coal mine waste water and slaughter waste water etc.


2013  Successfully developed alkali-resistant membrane, and used in lye recovery, lye separation, etc


2014   Medium and high temperature membrane was developed, and  utilized in medium and high temperature water successfully.