The filter effect of membrane is good for using double-skin structure:

Modified PVC membrane is asymmetric double-skin structure, the feed liquid is filtered twice in the process of filtration, which ensure the water quality of the effluent is good.


The physical properties of membrane are strong:

By using international high-quality raw materials and leading production technology, the bursting pressure of the membrane can reach to 1.3 MPa, the mechanical strength can reach to 1.51 MPa, the elongation at break can reach to 52% , which can effectively avoid the breakage of the membrane.


The hydrophilic property of membrane filaments is strong:

After the hydrophilic modification, the hydrophilic angle of the membrane can reach to 48° , the flux can be very large at very low pressure, the operating pressure difference is low, and the concentration polarization on the membrane surface is not easy to form.


The effect of backwash is good:

By adopting the international advanced pore-forming technology, the filter channel is inverted horn-shaped, which makes the back-washing water flow stronger, the pollutants easier to be flushed, and the membrane flux can be maximized.


The chemical stability is strong:

The tolerance range of PH is 2 to 12, and the tolerance of residual chlorine is up to 500 ppm, which can effectively ensure the obstinate pollution is washed down from the surface of the membrane, so that the flux is restored and the membrane life is prolonged.


1. The main material of the membrane is health-grade PVC resin.

2. The content of vinyl chloride monomer1ug/g1ppm.

3. Conform toGB9681 Hygienic Standard For Polyvinyl Chloride Products For Food Packaging.

4. Conform to the standardGB4803 Polyvinyl Chloride Resins For Food Containers And Packaging Materials.

5. The formula does not add any heat stabilizer and plasticizer, conforming to GB 9685-2008 Hygienic Standard For The Use Of Additives In Food Containers And Packaging Materials.

6. The other additives are pharmaceutical grade products.

7. Finished membranes conform to GBT17219-2001Code For Safety Evaluation Of Drinking Water Conveyance And Distribution Equipmen And Protective Materials, and get wading approval.