Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is a High-tech enterprise that specialize in research and development of membrane and water treatment plant, and provide water treatment solution for customers all over the world . 


Aqucell contains Membrane Products Division,Water Treatment Equipment Division and Water Purifier Division. With professional management team, we can provide excellent products, technology and service. Our main business is UF membrane and equipment ,RO membrane and equipment. Meanwhile, we can provide clients one-stop membrane and equipment customized service. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries .


Aqucell pursues sustainable development ,so we emphasizes on research and innovation . We have a leading R&D team that focus on development of UF and RO membrane products, and have obtained independent intellectual property. Based on membrane materials , we have built technical R&D platform to provide more application values for clients.  


Aqucell pursues excellent quality, and realize standard control of every design and manufacturing sector. Quality control start from design, lean production without defects. The famous suppliers like Dow, BASF ,Solvay and SCAC provide superior materials for us .