Excellent physical and mechanical properties:

The tenacity of the membrane filaments is high, and the tensile rate is more than 100% . It is suitable for water-making by air-water mixing, backwashing by air-liquid mixing and chemical cleaning by aeration, the high toughness ensures that PVDF membrane filaments are not easy to break when they are impacted, and ensures the stability of membrane properties and effluent water quality.


Excellent chemical corrosion resistance:

The maximum residual chlorine tolerance of membrane filaments can reach 5000 ppm, which can be widely used in various harsh water quality conditions and operating conditions requiring high concentration of oxidant, prolong the service life of the membrane.


Strong anti-pollution ability:

The polarity and surface smoothness of the membrane filaments are improved by using international high-quality raw materials, advanced membrane formulation and technology, which makes the surface of the membrane filaments not easy to adhere to pollutants, reduces concentration polarization, and enhances anti-pollution performance.


High hydrophilicity and low energy consumption:

The hydrophilic polymer material was used to blend and modify the membrane filaments, so that the membrane filaments had permanent hydrophilic modification effect, and the water production was close to 0 pressure, with very low trans-membrane resistance and lower energy consumption, and the fouling of the membrane by organic matter was reduced, the cleaning frequency is reduced, and the use is convenient and the service life is prolonged.


1. The inside and outside diameter should be ± 0.01 mm.

2. The difference between maximum wall thickness and minimum wall thickness is controlled within 0.01 mm.

3. External single-layer structure, external pressure, reduce the filter resistance, the flux is larger, suitable for sewage treatment.

4. Sponge-like cubic mesh structure, high mechanical properties of membrane filaments, mesh interpenetrating each other, porosity up to more than 70% , high water-passing efficiency.

5. The filter aperture is small, the filter precision is in the ultrafiltration scope, the water quality is excellent.