Membrane water treatment technology

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MBR is a new type of wastewater treatment technology combined with high efficiency membrane separation technique and activated sludge process. The main principle is using ultra / microfiltration membrane separation technology to replace the traditional activated sludge sedimentation tank and two conventional filtration unit, to achieve efficient interception of solid-liquid separation and biological bacteria directly, achieve high quality of reclaimed water used for its effluent standard.
CMF, is a hollow fiber ultrafiltration / microfiltration membrane module as the central processing unit, pipeline, valve, self cleaning unit, feeding unit and an automatic control unit with the special design, the formation of closed continuous operating system, raw water under pressure through microfiltration / ultrafiltration membrane filter, to achieve the purpose of purifying physical separation.
SMF is a new membrane filtration process derived from the combination of ultra low pressure hollow fiber membrane technology and continuous membrane filtration technology. It is the use of open type hollow fiber membrane component, the membrane to be placed directly in the full treatment of membrane pool water, through the negative pressure suction pump and atmospheric pressure, the water through the membrane surface, extracted from the inside of the hollow fiber membrane, to achieve the purpose of purifying filter.
TWF is in the membrane separation process, periodic switching through the import of raw water in the direction of the separation and cleaning of polluted raw water by the end, good transparent effect to keep the membrane, to stably water separation and purification effect.